The reverse side of the Patriot Crucifix

A crucifix designed for patriotic prayers of Catholic faith


Last week, our neighborhood lost a grandmother who recently moved here from the northern Midwest just to be with local family members who might help her with transitioning to her eternal resting place. When I met her, wife and I were told basically her long bout with cancer was winding down. Her grandson is another neighbor across the street, a short walk away; I was able to friend him online with LinkedIn.

[Also last week, our country elected a prime candidate to become President. A real answer to prayer! But with it has come extreme  division. Where we live in Alabama, there is rejoicing! But where I hail from in California, there is yelling and screaming of protestors. I believe God called me to leave my home, and dwell in His ‘promised land’. . .]

The neighborly relationship we were given, was short-lived because of her poor health, but it made us both think, what a positive attitude she had. She, Mary is her name, wanted nothing more than to get ready to depart. There was nothing for us to do, really. The sister, friend, and grandchildren, (their parent(s)), were all there to help the process along.

Mary was Catholic, while her children were faithful to a local inter-denominational fellowship, not unlike our own. We are inactive members of the large and growing Family Worship Center, here in North Alabama. We find God’s Christian Faith capturing our attention with the online church. The quality of television viewing, like sports, far exceeds attending.


I realize that the Lord has prepared us to be a neighbor here, but it has taken years to get to know our neighbors. It is sad but understandable, as we are leasing the property, while the larger lots are occupied by families that have been here forever. We old folks are transitioning, [dying off] and this is the normal way of life: To do this with grace — mercifully.

We lost the patriarch next door over ten years ago. His sons live next door, and in his wife’s house. The gentleman who transitioned next was the owner of the next house. I did meet them both briefly. The owner of our house is easily ten years older than me. He should be transitioning next. Why do I keep saying this? It is a big event and takes a lifetime to get ready.

The word transition was mentioned to me by none other than Mother Mary Angelica of the Eternal Word Telivision Network (EWTN) out of Birmingham, Alabama. She was highly educated in the Catholic University system and earned her doctorate of Sacred Theology. The Lord led her to develop EWTN. I did hear her one day explain that Christians don’t die, they transition.


“Mary Immaculate was officially declared the patroness of the United States in 1847. For more than 150 years, Catholics throughout the land have placed themselves and all their hopes, dreams and concerns under the special patronage of the holy Mother of God, whose Immaculate Conception is venerated by the piety of the faithful.”(

“With the new USA Rosary, we hope Americans far and wide will be strengthened in their resolve to be ever more faithful followers of Jesus, while praying a rosary for the United States of America… Antique silver finish with red and blue enamel on the front of the Crucifix, with a portion of the Pledge Of Allegiance, “One Nation Under God”, inscribed on the reverse side.

” The Centerpiece, also in antique silver finish, presents an image of Our Lady, with a map of the U.S. behind Her. The reverse side presents an inscription of Psalm 33:12. The Hail Mary beads are heavy antique copper-finished medals, with an image of the Immaculate Conception on one side and each state’s individual abbreviation on the other side. The Our Father bead medals present the Miraculous Medal in antique finish.”

At $40.00, that item of religious faith sells like breakfast specials!



Trends in data for Oregon 1997-2011 Death with Dignity Act (alexschadenberg.blogspot)

Legalized suicide is on the rise. Here is a graph to show how its popularity has grown.

Human beings have choices for exiting their cruel world: 1) Become Catholic [Christian] live to a ripe old age and leave in a civilized manner, or 2) move to Oregon and pay less to take the death pill [legalized euthanasia], or 3) go to the Philippines where they will nail you to your own cross and make you be more understanding of what your life cost Christ. . .let’s see the last first. . .

I cannot even try to explain this, other than a cult movement or heresy. Here is the link so we can read the news bulletin: Public, live, and real crucifixions in the Philippines (Islands). Question, if someone you don’t know, and could care less about, died for you — and a friend told you he was a sinless Jewish rabbi called to redeem the world — even you . . .

You would think about it, and read up on it, to confirm it actually happened; then, you might be convinced that in accordance to Jewish custom, the death of God’s own Son was prophecied and processed as consistently with the well documented law (Torah). You might choose to be a believer — but you would know you don’t need crucifixion!

God’s death by hanging on a Roman cross was planned and pulled off, as an ordained act of the holy Trinity. It took a team of One God in three Persons to redeem the world of original sin. [note, see Genesis 3,]. . . So great a love can convince the whole world this redemption is truly available . . . One believer reaching one unbeliever at a time.


If you did check out the Genesis 3 link, (last paragraph) you have just seen the source of the Old Covenant record (Torah) about creation. But to help us understand what it means for present day circumstances, also look here at the best online source unbiased commentary, see The Fall of Man.

(Adam and Eve and a female serpent, at the Notre Dame de Paris,

As a result of the fall, those unbelievers who are separated from our loving Father, even if purely due to optional choice–nobody can be forced to believe the Good News is really an offer of personal redemption and genuine deliverance from destruction and eternal punishment for rejecting the Sovereign Creator’s plan that was made before creation.


The Euthanasia Prevention efforts in Canada and Oregon, are attempting to help the liberal humanist (secular) following to enable life to be ended naturally (linked here as, And Physicians Alliance Againsr Euthanasia ( The choice to die is suicide. Anyone is free to choose to end his life. But it is morally wrong.


The Philosophy of suicide is an interesting read. I wish to link it here for a general comparison because the reasons for with the reasons against is a valid and convincing perspective. Basically, it is emotionally motivated, selfish, and immoral. Especially when liberals deny the sacredness of life, their relative moralism begins to break down. (


The death of a Christian is the best way to transition. Why this is is explained most authentically by holy Scripture. Let me show just three, Psalms 139:14-16; 2Corinthians 5:21; Romans 3:10, 23; 5:8; 6:23; 8:1; and 10:8-10,13.





“Introit and Kyrie” by YouTube and chant


A quality music video linked here

The lyrics of this beautiful video describe  an ancient mass or Requiem (Missa pro defunctis) of which is a long 13th century hymn Dies Irae (by Thomas of Celano) interpreted. A requiem mass, the words are fixed and are set to the Gregorian chant but instead of Miserere nobis, ‘Have mercy on us’, Give them rest is used,  [“Dona eis requiem“]. (Sung beautifully in Latin.)

Text: Psalm 37:7-9 Rest in the Lord; wait patiently for him to act. Don’t be envious of evil men who prosper. Stop your anger! Turn off your wrath. Don’t fret and worry—it only leads to harm. For the wicked shall be destroyed, but those who trust the Lord shall be given every blessing. (

[You may ask, Charles, why is this so significant to you now? And I have to admit, that following last week’s study of the great mysteries of the church–which we all need to know, to receive the Gospel properly–my graceful wakeup was only to share the beauty. Heaven is calling! Can we even imagine heavenly beauty? And don’t we want everyone to .be there?]

Requiem Aeturnum

“Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon them

A hymn, O God, becometh Thee in Zion

And a vow shall be paid to thee in Jerusalem

Hear my prayer

All flesh shall come before you

Eternal rest give unto the dead, O Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon them

Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon them.

Short choral requiem mass,

Kylie Eleison

Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Dies Irae

[Today, talking over coffee, Viv (wife) shared with me about her friends’ husbands passed away so differently. One called her as usual to catch up, usually monthly, and said as an aside, ‘Oh, Charles is dead.’ Viv asked, ‘When?’ And her friend told her that ‘It was two weeks ago.’ ‘Why didn’t you tell me sooner?’ Viv asked.  ‘I didn’t feel I needed to.’ . . . Another friend called her in the very hour of her husband’s death, and Viv said she was sitting there looking at his still warm body. In both instances, the deaths were expected and planned for, but the friend known longest, was not the closest.]

This day, this day of wrath

shall consume the world in ashes,

as foretold by David and the Sibyl.

What trembling there will be

When the judge shall come

to weigh everything strictly!

The trumpet, scattering its awful sound

Across the graves of all lands

Summons all before the throne.

Death and nature shall be stunned

When mankind arises

To render account before the judge.

The written book shall be brought

In which all is contained

Whereby the world shall be judged

When the judge takes his seat

all that is hidden shall appear

Nothing will remain unavenged.

What shall I, a wretch, say then?

To which protector shall I appeal

When even the just man is barely safe?

[This summer, I read in a newspaper that both parents of six children were killed in a tragic accident locally. My heart was stopped to make note of their names even to lift up to God, who is the Author and Finisher of all life. I am concerned enough to understand something about such an event. With Him there are no accidents. Both parents are in heaven.]

King of awful majesty

You freely save those worthy of salvation

Save me, found of pity

Remember, gentle Jesus

that I am the reason for your time on earth,

do not cast me out on that day

Seeking me, you sank down wearily,

you saved me by enduring the cross,

such travail must not be in vain.

Righteous judge of vengeance,

award the gift of forgiveness

before the day of reckoning.

I groan as one guilty,

my face blushes with guilt;

spare the suppliant, O God.

Thou who didst absolve Mary [Magdalen]

and heard the prayer of the thief

hast given me hope, too.


INTERMISSION (View of the throne here)


My prayers are not worthy,

but Thou, O good one, show mercy,

lest I burn in everlasting fire,

Give me a place among the sheep,

and separate me from the goats,

placing me on Thy right hand.

When the damned are confounded

and consigned to keen flames,

call me with the blessed.

I pray, suppliant and kneeling,

a heart as contrite as ashes;

take Thou my ending into Thy care.

That day is one of weeping,

on which shall rise again from the ashes

the guilty man, to be judged.

Therefore spare this one, O God,

merciful Lord Jesus:

Give them rest. Amen.


Domine Jesu (Offertorium)

Lord Jesus Christ, king of glory,

deliver the souls of all the faithful departed

from the pains of Hell

and the bottomless pit.

Deliver them from the jaws of the lion,

lest hell engulf them,

lest they be plunged into darkness;

but let the holy standard-bearer Michael

lead them into the holy light,

as once you promised to Abraham

and to his seed.

Lord, in praise we offer you

Sacrifices and prayers,

accept them on behalf of those

who we remember this day:

Lord, make them pass

from death to life,

as once you promised to Abraham

and to his seed.



Holy, holy, holy

Lord God of hosts!

Heaven and earth are full of your glory.

Hosanna in the highest!



Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest!


Angus Dei

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,

Grant them rest.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,

Grant them eternal rest.

[Another summer event involved the drowning death of a high school dancing team member. She participated in a recreational activity where the team launched a number of individual boats, kaiaks, for an expedition along a local river. Somehow the young woman was lost, was capsized and drowned. A prayer vigil was made for the family and friends.]

Lux aeterna

Let everlasting light shine on them, O Lord

with your saints for ever:

for you art merciful.

Eternal rest grant them, O Lord;

and let perpetual light shine upon them.

With your saints for ever

for Thou art merciful.

Libera Me (Responsory)

Deliver me, O Lord, from eternal death

on that awful day

when the heavens and earth shall be shaken

and you shall come to judge the world by fire.

I am seized with fear and trembling

until the trial is at hand and the wrath to come:

when the heavens and earth shall be shaken.”

(credit: Requiem Web, Google)


[I heard this prayer chanted by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir listening to their streaming app when napping, I instantly sat up and began to research the meaning of the prayer. Wow, I heard a friend’s blog about death and felt I might comment. . .but there were no words.

Do we really know what we face in death? Here is a clearer picture. I can pray this and share this.

The last post of our theology401 blog, was also inspired by last things. Called, The Four Forces of Eternal Nature, it became the hub of all 59 posts preceding it. And dated a year ago, 9-22-15, it will be featured by my Facebook wall this week.] (Hub indexes were completed.)

The value of this material is a great deal more than than casual social blogs-stuff. But because my days are getting short, When you hear that I have passed, you can know I have been processed up. And this may well not be our last prayer.]

May Adonai bless and keep you. (In the spirit of this prayer)


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