A Catholic Prophecy

I got a tweet from a new follower this morning [Kattoliko Pensireo, @kattolikamente] that I just could not put down (a must read). It was published by Edward Pentin in his ncregister.com blog linked here. (published yesterday)

I have been learning daily, with the advent of daily mass in my life. This is directly credited to my loss of Protestant status, which quite honestly happens when a lay-theologian finds himself undeniably drawn into the overwhelming authoritative content in both his daily reading of Catechism, and EWTN (cable Catholic television). “Live Truth, live Catholic” motto.


[Photo credit: aleteia.org, “Final Battle by Cardinal Carlo Caffarra”]

“Cardinal (Carlo) Caffarra is saying, ‘Satan is hurling at God the “Ultimate and terrible challenge” ‘(said tweet of Edward Pentin) The article (blog) is linked to it’s source above. And I want to do this because it is prophetically informative.

I am encouraged to hear such a decorated leader in our “universal” Church proclaim his faith in the coming showdown of the devil, Satan, and our loving Lord Jesus’ Church in the world. He spoke in Rome to the Italians, warning of our societies facing a “frightful” war on marriage and family! But urging the faithful to not be fearful and witness for our Lord. . .as, he said, “The victory is already ours.”

The Enemy is waging an anti-creation front that claims his negative assault will be where we will be deceived to think his (humanist) idea is better than God’s creation. 

The archbishop from Bologna (Italy) described this battle on two fronts: Marriage, and Family. And this was also predicted by Sister (Saint) Lucia, that was written over 30 years ago.

The event of his presentation was the Rome Life Forum where a hundred pro-life and family leaders attended near the Vatican and coordinated in sequence with the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. 

Cardinal Caffarra assisted the composing of the JPII Institute Studies on Marriage and Family in 1981. “Human history has always been a tale of confrontation between two forces: “The force of attraction”, the wounded heart of the crucified-risen One, and the “power of Satan,” The father of lies, the “murderer from the beginning” who seeks to extinguish truth in the heart of man.” He said.


This assault, as Cardinal Caffarra explains, is concerned with both the interior and exterior levels—within the human heart as one level, and human culture as defined by humanist society, as the other. He made this clear, the Lord’s attractive force, “can only take affect upon those who are profoundly available to the Truth, who live familiar with it.

“Satan has no truth, and seeks to steal, kill, and destroy truth in the heart of man, even by inducing unbelief to him. He is constantly refusing the truth. He causes society to oppose the truth. Satan personally becomes this refusal—he is the opposition.”

“Satan is therefore always working against the Lord’s strong force of attraction to Himself, seeking to neutralize it. And this battle within the human heart becomes manifest in society and culture—leading to the culture of truth and the culture of the lie.”


“The two developments in growing confrontation show us in “particular clarity”. The first being “the transformation” of the murder of abortion into a legal and human right. Such legalization of abortion is “calling what is good evil, and what is light shadow.” A Satanic attempt is to produce an “anti-Revelation”, to generate an “anti-creation.”

“Ennobling the killing of the unborn human beings, Satan has “laid the foundations for his ‘creation’: To remove from creation the image of God (as Creator), to attempt to obscure his presence therein.

“The second development, the “culture of the lie” is the enoblement of homosexuality,” said Cardinal Caffarra. “This becomes a clear fact denying the truth of marriage—the mind of God, the Creator, regarding marriage.”

Marriage has a “permanent structure” in the mind of God, because the Union of man and woman is the “cooperation in the creative act of God.” He said. For this reason, the elevation of abortion to a “human right” and equating a homosexual relationship to “marriage”, begin the destruction of “two pillars of creation”.

“Such Satanic activity is building an actual anti-creation.” Cardinal Caffarra said. “Satan is saying, I am demonstrating that I am capable of constructing an alternative to God’s creation. This is so appealing to (educated) man who desires it and says, this alternative is better than God’s creation.”

“Such demonic activity  is constructed around a profound contempt for man.” Cardinal Caffarra explains that man is not capable of “elevating himself to the splendor of the Truth”, and so Satan continues to tell God banalities about man, and that God’s Truth doesn’t exist.”


The faithful are called to testify: “to announce openly and publically” through such actions as this weekend’s March for Life in Rome, and proclaim divine revelation—speaking exclusively to the “Gospel of Life and Marriage”, and doing this as if in a courtroom.” The alternative is to remain silent or saying other things—but at the same time, Christians should not be “uncaring of all souls.”

“Loving the sinner and hating the sin, in just the way that medicine oftentimes “proposes a cure excluding the illness”, is needing to take the next level: “Christians should hunt-down the sin”, he said, “track it down in the hidden places of its lies, and condemn it, bringing to light its insubstantiality”.

“Christ is witness, quoting St. John, ‘When I am lifter up from the earth, I will draw all people to Myself.'” He said.

Afterward, the Cardinal mentioned the letter he had received from Sister (Saint) Lucia when he was facing trials in forming the Pontifical, John Paul II Institute for studies on Marriage and Family. He said he will never forget what she wrote him, “There will come a time when the confrontation God and Satan’s kingdoms will take place over marriage and family.”

He said she underscored that those who are going to work for marriage and family, “will undergo trials and tribulations”, but added: “Do not fear, Our Lady has already crushed his head.” Cardinal Caffarra concluded that his talk was based on Sister (Saint) Lucia’s words. The conviction of what she said in her day, is being fulfilled in our day.”

May the Lord bless and keep you all,



[Editor’s note: Permission to transcribe a copyrighted article is granted according to fair-use provision of US Copyright Law that says, nothing stollen for prophet, nothing lost, and all credits are given. Also the English translation of the original Italian piece allows some variation of interpretation. I have license from LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA.]


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