The view from the top floor of the Crestwood Cancer Institute in Huntsville, Alabama


This morning we are at Dr. Dang’s Office, here is the view from the Clearview Institute. We have been coming here over a decade, but today, following The election of Donald Trump as President, my heart is singing with hope. [Hope is defined as to expect or confide, trust.] Having a theist as President is gloriously better than an atheist. (Do we know this yet?)

We both voted this time. And even though it was mid morning when we voted, the line was long. A good turnout, but a new process of electronic recognizing, recording of drivers licenses was used. Still, voting in the nearby church building was smoothly run and very peaceful. [Oh, Viv has a blood problem similar to what I had. She is being healed like I was.]

I have got to hear Hillary’s concession speech. (watching) What a graceous lady is she! A veritable act of God. I am so proud of our country. We can rest assured that, a new cabinet, and a republican congress will come to the aid of our country. (As soon as I was alerted in my spirit to google her speech, there she was, live.)

. . .

The sun is setting just now with a deep red glow on the horizon. I am reminded of our prayers having been answered, all our hearts are going to sleep much better tonight. The news media is falling all over itself having to admit the polling that predicted Hillary would win, is broken. Broken if it was done mathematically, like machines don’t lie. LOL


I have been contacted by email concerning an interest of mine. I was asked to participate on a Christian book publisher panel. An ‘Insider Panel’ they call this. I was given a series of questions to test my knowledge of theology: My understanding of biblical principles that Christian authors create stories from. I am willing to read book proposals.

I have said things like I hold no church office, I’m a college graduate, and willing to take what they offer for the service. The big plus is the editorial experience as well as learning to listen for godly insight. This is all about God and his call in my life. Just the fact that our loving Lord is alive and active for my professional existance for him is encouraging.

Here is an example: The Wycliffe Bible Translators went into collaboration with Christian Muslim groups to produce a new translation of the New Testament. The wording in question by Eric Barger (.com) claims they ‘Yank Father and Jesus as Son of God.’  You can see his website and read their mission statement at this link. Even using Allah as reference to Messiah. 


This brings up a whole bag of worms. My solution is to research anything said about this from the Roman Catholic Church. The reason for this is not only to discern the usage of the New Testiment Greek, but also, the attempts of Church tradition to define by both Arabic and Hebrew translations, to compare them. Who knows? Scholars may be right (as they often are).


“An Arabic version of the Hebrew Bible was made in the tenth century by. Saadia ha Gaon. Only its Pentateuch, Minor Prophets, Isaias, Psalms, and Job have been preserved. In 1671 an Arabic Bible was published at Rome under the direction of Sergius Risi, Archbishop of Damascus. It appeared in numerous later editions. A mutilated reprint of it (London, 1822) was circulated by the Bible Society. To offset this Protestant influence, complete Arabic versions were issued both by the Dominicans at Mossul (1875-8) and the Jesuits at Beirut (1876-8).

“Carshuni (Karshuni) Version.—This is an Arabic version made in Syriac characters for Syrian Christians chiefly of Mesopotamia, Aleppo, and adjacent parts. A New Testament in Carshuni characters containing in two columns the Syriac Peschitto and the Arabic of the Codex of Erpenius was published at Rome (1703) for the Maronites of Lebanon. A Bible Society edition appeared at Paris (1827). [catholicanswers.com]


The Wycliffe translation of the text in question is made according to the usage. “Matthew 28:19,” says Michael Carl, “refers to the Father as Allah, which is not doctrinally correct.” Allah means, God according to the Wikipedia article that gives us the history and edymology. Remember, a new language version is supposed to be in the most common, current usage.

Wycliffe consulted Mary Lederleitner seeking the best way to understand the truth about “the Father“:  “Whether or not one believes using the most common term in a receptor language — the familial terms for God — is the only acceptable translation, or there are times when other not so common terms can apply. 

“The titles are preserved in a way that does not tell incorrect meanings — fathers produce sons physically, which is not applicable spiritually as truer usage. The source of the problem is found in the Koran (Qur’an). It explicitly condemns either the Trinity or the Sonship of Christ.” [refer to: An Nisa, Surah  4:171] (note, the context is 4:163-172)


After reading the context of the Surah passage referenced above, like reading the Book of Mormon, I’m convinced only of some misguided authority who had to give a biased book report that must honor (what’s his name) who is not god. To say his name means you have to bless it, is religious. To try to please Islamic authorities in telling the Gospel is oxymoronic.


The intercessory prayers of the saints is a church solution to such quagmires. Para ministries like Wychliffe Bible Translators are stuck to have to face attacks that the devil can throw at them. Only the church can have authority for the holy tradition that formed the original canon of Scripture in the first place. (See The intercession of the Saints).

The concept that is playing out here is like inviting neighborhood children to have some ice cream in the local church kitchen which seems appealing. Then, within such a sanctified (blessed) environment, God is able to help reach their hearts with desire and reasonable words. A seed is sown in hearts that enables the Truth to usurp closed minds.

Sure prayer and proper scholastic preparation is important, but the authority of the church over the forming of words is critical. Compromise is not sought here, as concensus with a majority and eventual, mutual agreement. We can only approach the truth as the spectacle it is. It is unique but universal. And more, it is alive and capable of convicting.


“Religious organizations have a major impact on inter-communal and international conflicts. During the Cold War, religious as well as ethnic and nationalist conflicts were relatively neglected in the study of international relations and peace research. After the implosion of the communist block, the escalation of nationalist violence was a surprise. 

“Some expect an escalation of religious conflicts as well. Despite an increase in the attention to the religious dimension of conflicts, it remains an under-researched field. There is no useful typology of religious conflicts; no serious study of the impact of religious organizations on conflict behavior; no comparative research of peace-making and peace-building efforts of different religious organizations.” Said Luc Reychler in his Religion and Conflict article with the International Journal of Peace Studies:

“The world cannot survive without a new global ethic, and religions play a major role, as parties in violent conflicts, as passive bystanders and as active peace-makers and peace-builders. Hans Küngs‘ thesis that there cannot be world peace without a religious peace is right. 

“Representing two thirds of the world population, religions have a major responsibility in creating a constructive conflict culture. They will have to end conflicts fueled by religion, stop being passive bystanders and organize themselves to provide more effective peace services. Religions and religious organisations have an untapped and under-used integrative power potential. 

“To assess this potential and to understand which factors enhance or inhibit joint peace ventures between the Christian religions, but also between the prophetic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), the Indian religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and the Chinese wisdom religions, is an urgent research challenge.”
I am personally encouraged by the conclusion of this scholar from George Mason University. My view of our world ordering itself into peaceful relations has to be left completely in God’s hands. But, as we know about creation science; God made everything, man was formed in God’s image and likeness — yet given a law that he could not keep. Sin was so created.


With our humanity so caught up in sin, which is separation from God, only one world solution has been provided: Namely the Person of the living Word, Jesus. As the Messiah-Christ, Jesus is our sacrifice for sin that Father God accepts. [The conclusion here is the Good News post of mine that can take you down the Roman Road. Read it and agree.]

Tonight, we are snug in our home with the heat turned on for the first time. Watching the violent reactions of young Democrats on the news is sad, but I prayed with my new pastor yesterday agreeing the protests will be peaceful, God willing and the creeks don’t rise. (Wife was up till 3 am, but I was exercising my hope in trusting for the miracle to happen.)

On that note, we must end this. Please pray for my new involvement with Christian Book Insider Panel. God bless you.

Charles Bundschu

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