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Paris Psalter Anointing of David

Paris Psalter Anointing of David

Welcome to The Central Theme Of The Bible

 My word given today came to me when looking at my desk and seeing the books piled up of which they have book-marking various references about many different topics which I need to put in some order or sequence for their presentation.  And it suddenly occured that they all need to relate under a theme.  Each word could be the theme itself, I thought.  No, the theme is what carries the topical words, so I looked for the word theme in my bible dictionary and found a worthy quote which can be used to represent our theme. (Photo from Wikipedia Commons)

“Despite being of non-Biblical origin, the phrase topped a poll of the most widely known Bible verses. Seventy-five percent of American teenagers said they believed that (God helps those that help themselves) was the central message of the Bible.” (Wikipedia)

What is the book about?  It is about the salvation or deliverance of a person or a people.  I thought.  So I looked up ‘salvation‘  I found the topic, looked it over quickly, as I was about to leave — someone was calling for me to hurry up — then I glanced at the summary.  It said, “Both the OT and the NT present a basis for confidence in the Lord.”  That was it.  The last sentence of that made my theme question become resolved.  “To all believers, faith is an expression of a person’s confidence in the trustworthiness of God.”  So, we can say with some certainty, the Holy Bible is alive and powerful enough to convince us of its truth.(from The Expository Dictionary of Bible Words by Richards, Zondervan, 1985, pg 542)

A Rev, Dan McManigal tells us through his Reformation Theology website that includes some interesting comments:  Reformation Theology taken from his series in Covenant Theology.  “The diversity of the Bible is unified in Christ. He is the center that holds all of the biblical data together.”  He said.  “The bible is the Infinite Existence self-disclosure about how famous He really is as He shines this beauty centrally through His Son Jesus Christ on the cross.”  Stated Oshea Davis, author, with his comment

Rev. Ralph A. Smith in chapter one of his Introduction to the Bible is a bit more wordy but thorough in his presentation.  “The covenantal kingdom of God is the central theme of Biblical revelation.”  He concluded.

Here the pastor of PeWee Valley SDA Church expresses his ideas from a article by Rev. Douglas Na’a.  “The greatest proof that Christ is the central theme of the Bible is John 5:39.  ‘You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me’ ”. (Pastor Douglas Na’a)

These sources have a lot to say, and I believe all concur.  The last few verses of the Gospel of St. John tell us if all that Jesus did could be reduced to writing — into books, there would not be room in the earth to keep them. (John 21:25)  Then, what made it into the bible to become the church canon required a true act of congress

In my bible, which is the New Living Translation, published by the Tyndale House, Wheaton, IL, 1996, it shows four basic topics that list life, relationships, future, and faith, that each include 21, 5, 4, and 6 subtopics, respectively, in a comprehensive overview. My point is that in this overview, there needs to be a fomula, which I cannot find, but has proven true in my own experience.  The topic of Faith is most basic with its six subtopics, and needs to be primarily considered. 

For without faith, opening each of the other topics, the book has no life, no relationships, and no future.  So get ‘Born Again’, find God, learn to know God, learn to know Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha-Mashiach), learn to know the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh), and enroll in the school of prayer — before learning all the rest of the topics.  The Holy Bible is a spiritual book of life’s personal values.  It has its own regeneration, inspiration, and motivation.

I conclude with saying, check this out.  The next time we try explaining all we know about the bible, we may just simply say what the central theme of the bible is, and leave it at that.  The central theme of the Bible is the defining and demonstrating of personal confidence in the trustworthiness of God’s love.



2 thoughts on “The Theme

  1. Good word, Charles! This is a profound motive in my choice to pray through the history of my home state of Minnesota. I truly trust in the Lord’s love, and that he is present in and beyond time. To make a poor analogy, we can amend our taxes if we make an error or get better data. The Lord can clarify our vision today if we acknowledge sin-stained lenses of the past.


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