For the last session before our spirit-flight, weight and balance is a vital check of our spirit-craft.    We again make  reference all of the former articles of Doing Journey Together to refresh our background and enable some permanent progress.  We must begin with a disclaimer that when we are given solo flight test, the responsibility is no longer on flight school, it is put upon the student to prove himself as a pilot.  That takes faith, and a balanced spirit-craft. (This will be the last Doing Journey Together posting of the year on this remarkable media website.)

Navigation was the introduction to the importance of our doctrinal compass.  These teachings are rooted and grounded in the corporate church (synagogue) that enables the whole community to find identity and purpose in the Creator and his balanced creation.

Fire has given to us a means of describing the revelation of the ultimate nature of God and his Spirit of absolute holiness.  Fire in our faith community has become the anointing of grace and the empowerment of true worship and worshipful service.  From pure faith and pure religion, both of which help accomplish balanced eternal purposes here on earth.

Expectation speaks of the teachings about faith and how it works through personal love. Using the instrument of the spirit-craft relating to the altimeter which describes our expectation principle one:  “Elevation is maintained by balancing words of religious truth (promises we hear) with our assurance, proof, and conviction (hopeful reality not seen).”

Attitude is described by the works of our Lord Jesus (Yeshua) and can relate to balanced controls that enable straight and level flight in his kingdom.  The attitude indicator is combined with three other indications that enable the knowing of actual spirit-craft flight-conditions in order to enable corrective action.  The inertial navigation unit is correlated with the text in an attempt to show significance of the four functions to be in balance.

Centering is the fine-tuned indication of the expectation principle two:  “The centering of our motion through the (spiritual) air is similar to flight in that our inertia is the momentum that our life is gaining maturity (Perfection).”  That we subject our bodies to this, can be something we must experience to fully understand.  But this is a balanced process.

As we can see finally, balance is vital in the first place, and throughout our training, that we really need to conclude with deserving emphasis.  Weight in physical aircraft is a feature designed into it producing light-weight materials in the form of aerodynamic shape which best enables cushions of air mass and propulsion to decrease pressure above airfoils (wings) that enables air to push the entire airframe upward effecting controlled flight.

Flight is limited if weight and balance limits are exceeded.

So let us interject the delicate process of weight and balance, which is always checked and certified before every flight.  Flight is limited if weight and balance limits are exceeded.  Every seat is designed for a passenger not to exceed a certain weight.  All passengers are to be weighed on critical flights.  Then the points of such weights are located by their measurement from the unchanging point of the tip of the nose of the aircraft.  All this is necessary to maximize balanced flight control characteristics.  Through takeoff, rate of climb, altitude, attitude, descent and landing safely, all rely upon correctly computed weight and balance factors.  The fuel is only one factor, but critical because it’s so large. Sometimes the amount of fuel can be limited if a heavier load is going a shorter distance.  Also, the amount of load is limited when the maximum fuel is needed for a longer distance.

The landing of aircraft is the single most important process in flight training.

The most critical design of an aircraft’s shape is the flight characteristics specified.  The landing of aircraft is the single most important process in flight training.  After learning the mechanical function of the landing gear, how it is specially designed and made to withstand all the forces affecting it to provide smooth and safe transitioning from controlled high-speed descent, to controlled slowing-speed stall, and to controlled slower-speed touch-down.  This enables the landing gear to compress and cushion support of  the full weight which the wings had been bearing.  The wings transition from high-speed lift to slow-speed lift by compressing air — close to the ground — as a cushion using flaps and slats that extend the airfoil (wing) with the relative airflow.  And there are other variable conditions in flight to consider, but we need to get the trainee behind the controls to practice at flying. 

Practice makes perfect, and the exercizing of faith enables the miracle of flight.

A good text for this is something I used for another article I have written, Experiencing Personal Resurrection by Faith:  Resurrection means spiritual flight.

“This marvelous plan of God was planned perfectly and was perfectly accomplished.  Hence, the value of the record as recorded and handed down through out history is remarkable in itself.  Through it, we can accept God’s promises to us that is to give us eternal life — not a carnal fleshly human life, but a spiritual, super-human life with Him and IN Him.  We are given His power to live a resurrected life!

“Now, we are given a totally new life that exists only in the Spirit.  The Spiritual dimension. There are probably as many ways to explain this as there are readers out there to grasp it.  There is only one Deliverer and one Lord.  He is not dead now, He lives for eternity, and the only one to have pleased the Father.  He is our new life.  We have Him as our new man! (Ephesians 4:24 and Colossians 3:10)

“Yes!  In three days all of his wounds were healed because of his sinless body.  Jesus/Yeshua woke up completely whole as the Spirit of Life surged through his human body, and he opened his eyes to see the light entering his grave when the two angels moved the stone.

“He walked out of his grave and ministered to his believing followers for forty days.  They were amazed and astounded.  But because they knew the teaching he had given them, they could accept him just as they could accept all the miracles they witnessed with him. Then, he ascended into heaven.

“He personally reintroduced himself as the One and only Person to conquer death by dying.  He died for us so that we might live. . .in Him. His death delivers us from our sin (singular) and sins (plural) [Original sin is inherited from Adam and our own sins stem from that.] His death delivers us from sin — but his resurrection delivers us to His Life!  We now have been given the same power and ability of the Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead!”

The context of our faith-flight is found in God’s love as demonstrated.

I wrote this following the article,  The Context of Faith is God’s Love Demonstrated.  Please refer to it to see the most graphic description of the crucifiction (execution) of our Savior (Deliverer) that I was given to write.  With this reference to some of my former work as US Examiner (with, we are come around full-circle and can begin to realize how much our spirit-craft depends upon the uplifting power of the Holy Spirit functioning in our lives. 

Now I wish to conclude with this word.  2 Corinthians 5:21, “For he (God) had made him (Jesus) to be sin for us who knew no sin, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.”  The bottom line of getting our spirit-craft off the ground.  Our faith in God’s holy, unchanging word that makes us righteous IN HIM.  Without him, we cannot lift off at all. Jesus (Yeshua) is our Spirit-craft.  We can do nothing without him.  We learn about him in the fellowship of his believers. 

Go to the flightline, the church or synagogue of your choice, preflight the Spirit-craft they provide you.  Do their cockpit checklist.  Taxi to the runway, and call the Tower.  When you are given clearance to take off, say another personal prayer in your own words, and push the throttle (balls) to the (fire) wall, full power, and trust the Author and Finisher of spiritual flight to perform supernaturally in your new life.  (Amen!)

We all hope your holidays are equal to your every expectation!


Hillsong, At The Cross, YouTube  Music Video


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