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Three men and two women ready to begin their journey (Classmates.com)

Our mission in writing this as a blog, is to share the ministry of the inter-denominational tradition of all Christians. What this means is all denominations need to hear what God has to say to all Catholics and Protestants together. The New Testament Church is the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is the New Testament Church. Unity brings growth.(photo credit, classmates.com)

This blog is written in two phases. The former and the latter. The former is from 9 Dec.2011 to 22 Apr.2012. The latter is from 5 Dec.2015 to today (31 Aug.2016). The explanation for this is the interim blogs called theology401 and promisedsoil which you can read when clicking on them as they are highlighted, linked here to follow after reading these.

The phase before us here, is basically starting over from the predecessor-blog called climbingtherock.livejournal.com. You can read that by clicking on it when highlighted. The value of that series of full length articles written to compile the men’s magazine called The Journey.  [The demise of that publication was due to emergency storm relief funding.]

Such articles were written by pastors directly, or indirectly from my personal interviews. The men’s ministry was as successful as it was because of its appeal to Christians locally. Being open to all Protestant and Catholic and Jewish members made the Rock Family Worship Center a true Inter-denominational and inter-racial Christian church.





2 thoughts on “Hello friend!

  1. Is your tour guide asking why you haven’t yelled at him, ‘Are we there yet?’ Because you have worn your seatbelt high and up over your shoulder, he may have assumed that you have buckled down for the long haul. And your lack of responding to telling you to look there or see this could be an indicator you are an unwilling traveler. So when you see this view, you will be thankful for how high on the food chain you can climb and stay at the top. Go ahead and let your mouth water.


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