CHAPTER Eighteen – Judging distance

Our son’s new car is a fancy, high techee, having all the bells and whistles (Not handicapped)


When parking in a parking place an hour ago, I opened the door–to see how much clearance their was. Usually I get it right, and I heard the title here, I had to judge the distance. My point is something I missed when writing the seventeen chapters of my autobiography, even thinking I had finished, but my heart was telling me to keep writing. I obviously have no depth perception due to astigmatism.

This means I favor my right eye, and see everything in two dimensions, but corrected to 20/20 from 20/30. This is a lifetime event, and I have adapted to every dimension by judging distance. Therefore, a handicap can be compensated for.


Now my story-record is showing the character of our compassionate Creator. From my perspective, which is somewhat handicapped, because our world has failed to meet my expectation, there is a consolation prize. I failed. No argument. Yet I obeyed my heart.



Benedict of Nursia 480-543 by Fra Angelico (Wikipedia)

Imagine with me a moment choosing to give our lives to God. . .(Saint Benedict of Nuria 480-543, by Fra Angelico, Wikipedia)

We are shut in today because of the coolish and dampish weather. (Can you detect My British accent?) My idea of church today was twofold, catch the 7-o’clock or the 9-o’clock, and both–did you get that? After all, this is Super Bowl Sunday and we need to put the God of Heaven before the gods of pro-football. So we are given what Catholicism calls this ordinary Sunday:

World Consecrated Life Sunday

When I write “we” I am referring to my heart and my soul, heart being filled with Holy Spirit, and soul relaxing with sacred music piped into my head via the powerful Mormon tabernacle choir music stream. All while having tea following serving lunch to blessed wife in the big (TV) room of the house. The weather, thankfully rained all night, and makes us feel all snuggy.

However my church-viewing was somewhat cramped by atmospheric interference. Curiously though, the furtherest broadcast came through, while the local broadcast kept blinking off. We (heart and soul) watched the Catholic mass from EWTN’s Our Lady of Angels Chapel in Irondale Alabama. The other worship service was interesting because it marks the first new building service.

I was very impressed with the Rock Family Worship Center‘s new building having been the old Butler High School theater. The stage is huge, and the youth dance team was full of fancy dance routines–filling up the stage–and singing praise songs as they moved in perfect sequence up the stairs and around the stage excitedly–all but up-staging the large choir. Professionally done!

That was the 9-o’clock service! [And there is two more services to do? Wow!] If anyone would like to see their service, (linked above). Yet the signal was lost for that live broadcast, But we were blessed already by the former catholic service. Today my attendance locally, where I am in the RCIA program, was precluded by my sponsor’s unavailability, but we have to share this.

I am so impressed with the Catholic mass of our local St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, as I am able to follow their Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), because of my sponsors, they make sure we get there on Wednesday nights. But today, by God’s grace, we are at home to hear the brilliant homily concerning the Gospel teaching. Father Anthony Mary was up today:


Fr. Anthony described how tradition takes our human trials of sickness and puts it in context, everyone gets to do it, but we get challenged to think how such suffering is punishment and we are able only to crash in misery. But the sunny side of it brings a more hopeful awareness the needs of others that our callings and training has prepared us for. To become consecrated to help.

Saint John Paul II, “Consecrated life is best shown today by Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. Their small family chose to live lives of voluntary poverty, chastity and obedience. Their lives modeled consecrated life for us.

Pope Francis, “We get into the traps of life, the good-old days versus our vision charging into future; but both live together in the present by prayer. Our willingness to encounter Jesus, and be encountered by him; our hearts (and souls) will experience the today with God’s peace.”

Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, “Sickness can be a salutary moment that brings others to our awareness; opening our eyes to other’s needs, to move for others, to care for others. . .always a trial, and life is dehumanized. We don’t find the ability to live life without becoming depressed. The sacrament of anointing the sick brings us to accompany the sick, and how to react to evil. . .

“Treatment by doctors and medicine are okay. We should be thankful for them. Faith in God and his goodness–faith in his love makes possible what is impossible–we still have faith to bring God’s profound serenity. But we are all needy for serene and sincere human closeness. Peter interceded for his mother, and Jesus graciously met their need.


Remember I am still married, now 37 years, to my second wife, and recently learned my first marriage was valid. . .more about that later. Second wife was sick last month. As if I was given her permission to help her through it all! Wow! (I have never seen her so sick.) But God (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) was my helper in such a critical time of need. Mother Mary too!

I am still helping every way and every time I am called to help. Today’s homily lesson touched me with desire to share this with you. Can we still be friends if I share some of the gory details? Fortunately I have God’s gift of helps, (or “assistance”, 1 Cor. 12:28 NABRE), so everything got cleaned up and only a few items need to be replaced, ie., sheets, blankets, and mattress. Messy stuff.

One request however, please join me in prayer for the vision that was flashed one time yesterday when in prayer; that both my invalid wives from valid marriages be healed of all their plight. Can you see them having lost weight, having been healed of diabetes and gout and fear issues, to gain virtue and piety (habits of cleanliness and charity)? We’ll reward you in heaven!


This year, the champions of the champions–those who have survived all the hits and shocking-collisions of the highly stressful life–are finalizing the season with an exhibition that promises to beat every other contest, hands down. (No dispute here!) But the society of our culture wants to see more respect for our American Flag. Many are protesting. . .

Do we stand at attention for the National Anthem, or do we take a knee to protest the politics of the presidential season? Many of us willing to watch, will have prayed our tithe of time given to God, and the fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time becomes a rare opportunity for our hearts and our souls to solemnly join hands in shouts of praise and prayer—may the best team win!

All the very best of life to you my friends,

Charles Bundschu III

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[Note: This month, RCIA class enters into acceptance by the bishop, and we learn more about “scrutinies”. I have been concentrating on the examination of my conscience. I have learned much about benefits of the sacrament of penance. Essentially, I have to confess fifty five years of my personal sins! Is there grace here? Yes. I will confess only the ten most shameful. And leave the more common (mortal) sins for later. The poor priest will fall asleep if I confess all sixty-nine sins! (Really)]

Added bonus: John Eldredge’s Extended Daily Prayer for Freedom

Power of the Eternal Word 

“A country church is viewed balanced on its steeple, credited to Dennis Oppenheim, located in Calgary, AB, Canada.”(


This week was a wakeup from a bad dream. Not problematic as it was a direction to edit last week’s post of our NewYearHope – blog, Promotion Promise. The dream put me in a slave position and what I had to do to escape and live in fear. I woke up to think about it, it led me to edit the title, and add the video. Dreams are useful.

Sunday at church was similarly confusing. Not the mass, but the means of transport. My precious wife brought me, and went off to have her own breakfast. In service, I met with my sponsor and his sister, who have befriended me to join their church. Afterward, they invited me to coffee, and I accepted thinking precious wife was at home waiting my call.

As it turned out, she was already in the church parking lot, had bought me a coffee; I had to explain how I was with my sponsors and they wanted to take us both to coffee. This made her very upset, and without explanation, she drove by and away. For a moment, just a moment, I was embarrassed, but understood sympathetically, she was not dressed for a social.


My fifty-five years as a Protestant believer took me from Baptist baptism to Church of Christ baptism, to non-denominational holy-Spirit baptism, and a local “family worship center”. All within which was my first and second marriages, three daughters, adopted son, and three step-children. No Protestant church could deal with my failures or absolve my sins.

The challenge in joining another “best” church, is to follow the holy leadings of God and his invitation to learn more about such things as sacraments, and saints, and the sacred Eternal Word, which is transubstantiated into bread and wine unlike any other tradition. It has become more and more important to me. I am freely accepted and being processed in.

From the outside of a Catholic Church, Christian believers are taught to reject its teachings, be suspicious of its authority and question every biblical interpretation. But my introduction is finding more and more sense of the total, complete and comprehensive teaching through faith and reasonable understanding–that when learned, is assembled rightside up.(


I just learned of a good biblical illustration that may concern many new church member prospects. Church Structure by Simon Fennshows us that the point of human needs is the top of the chart as changed from the authority. So the primary motivating anointing (ability, resource, power) is properly placed below in support of lay members serving human needs.

Also, here are some statistics that might help encourage lay ministers. Of the world’s population, 31.2 % are Christian, and 24.1% are Muslim. 16% Secular; 15.1% Hindus; 6.9% Buddhists; 5.7% tribal groups; and 0.2% Jewish. (Other, 1%)[] And within Christian traditions, 50%, or 1.2 billion are Catholic. (Pew Research Center, R. Toro)

To add to this, the Muslims are projected to be faster growing of the major religious groups.(Estimated population size, 2015-2060) Rates of growth: Muslims, +70; Christians, +34; Hindus, +27; Jews, +15; tribals, +5 [Totals 32% of overall global population]. I conclude two reasons cause this, the god-of-this-world is a liar, and its doubting deception more convincing.


My son sent me an email about a link to a promotion for a weight loss product, and asked what I thought. I was in the middle of writing this, as Tuesday is my most productive day–and turned my thoughts concerning church data, completely upside down. I immediately began researching his question. I shared with Wife and she said see Dr. Eric Berg. (

Introduction on YouTube that shows his credentials, and gives an overview of some of the 600 videos that teach his secrets. Well, there is no secret about this really great nutritional education. I hope to learn as I post some helpful videos here. I watched How to burn fat, “People don’t lose weight to get healthy, they get healthy to lose weight!” He said. (

That was great, wasn’t it? Did you take notes? Well, you can watch his video over and over till you get it down. Like taking a class. . . we are back in school again only this time we are motivated to learn. Here is another basic level class that I’ve seen that’s great: “How to fix your slow metabolism, MUST WATCH” (I googled “basics” for this classic)


. . . Let’s finish learning how one needs to know about God’s holy Apostolic Church: Three steps that take a considerable amount of time. First commit to praying a daily prayer that covers all needs for spiritual protection. Second, learn about Christian theology. And third, watch some Catholic programs on EWTN. (,,

The Basics of Christian Theology is inspiring. The author, Murray Rae, writes from Protestant or Reformed Tradition view, “Theological speech, Christianity understood, ought always to have this character of witness and of confession — it cannot stand in for the reality itself. It can only gesture towards the reality of God’s self-disclosure which, in the end, must be allowed to speak for itself.”

My study of theology led me into some Jewish mysticism classes that opened a door for me to look into a deeper level of the Godhead . . . so I thought. I had begun my blog, theology401, and thought, there must be a college class by that name! And when I searched for it, there it was. You can read about such a discovery, and what I learned writing it here. (


My own study uncovered the Catholic Encyclopedia details about Jewish mysticism. I was relieved to learn of the theological error made by Jewish mystics. That helped me see something more about the Trinity, and the feminine side of the Creator. The anatomy of a woman’s dream, links all of the Hebrew University videos and the Catholic assessment.

I learned all this by trusting my intuitive conscience given to me as part of the grace, peace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and because of the feminine side of the Jewish Sefirot (‘safires’). The ten symbols in the diagram come from Kabbalistic documents that reveal “heat that radiates from the burning coal: ‘Images’ accessible to human imagination.” . . .

Last week, I was forced to give away all my study bibles. If Wife was supposed to transport me to the Catholic Church, she wanted to know just how seriously committed I am. So she attacked my library. I was willing to make the sacrifice because  I was given a new Catholic bible. Also I realized all my references were old, and the Internet has more and better sources.


I just awoke from a restful nap, as my age and health demands, and noticed my outdoor thermostat needed adjustment. So I adjusted it to be more accurate. It’s not that complicated having a plastic pointer connected to a spring-like coil that is sensitive to the atmospheric temperature. Puting it back over my bed, laid there a moment, and thought, what if . . .

Can the concept of parallax error apply to church (ecclesial) or nutritional teaching? One of my references that didn’t get given away is a wonderful book by Dr. R.C. Sproul. He is a Reformed scholar who taught me that everybody has a theology. His work, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith is one book I purchased and devoured. It helped motivate me to write.

Everybody looks to God differently. Everyone is unique and can tell a individual story. Knowing what the essential truths are is very helpful because we may have heard something wrong and believed it to be right. Now, professor Sproul teaches basic bible faith, although Lutheran, he leaves Catholic doctrine alone. He occupies a different perspective, parallaxically.


Our Creator paid the price for the right to condemn human  beings that refuse to honor their Creator as ultimate creator . They are given the free choice to reject God, but obviously, they lack understanding. Rejecting God and his Church is not a crime but is a mortal sin and means eternal judgment. Such cultural displays shock and hurt believers who love Church.

“How can we DO the truth without first understanding what the truth is?” – R.C. Sproul

A recent Gallup study compared all major religions with Protestant and Catholic data. It shows the stability of the Catholic data along with Protestant data that changes. Is their hope that American religious institutions can be comparing these statistics and conclude the direction for religious affiliation needs to favor stability and growth? (

The power of the Eternal Word is truth that is the same and doesn’t change. The Eternal Word is not a book, it is the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is “living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword.” The (Eternal) Word of God is “penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12, cf, Wisdom 18:15,16. New American Bible Revised Edition)

Charles Bundschu III

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MAJOR LEAGUE FACEBALL: A Public Argument for Peace – video

Bishop Robert Barron as he appeared to Facebook staff (

Stained glass depiction of Mother Mary giving a signal for Jesus to pitch a curved ball (

This week, Bishop Robert Barron gave a marvelous talk at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California. He called it, How to make a religious argument. I’ve linked it here for you on YouTube, to watch — and even to watch again. But the  context of his remarks are documented as Church Catechism (teaching), which is true and not usually publically made.

And, in light of our current economic and political events, every citizen who is willing and able to discuss our society’s resolution for keeping the peace should be invited to speak. Bishop Barron is a prime candidate. [Thanks Facebook!]

The increasing terrorist shootings and even the increased hurricanes is more than coincidental, they speak to the devil Satan’s evil agenda for total world destruction — the end was predicted. Can we see this? [Thanks YouTube]

Congress fails to pass legislation for two essential reasons. The gun lobby is constitutionally supported, and no law is able to control absolutely thoughts and actions of free people. Peace is made and maintained only in the hearts of the people of the very God of peace. Why can I say this? I have lived long enough to learn how this great mystery is solved: By faith. . .

156 “What moves us to believe is not the fact that revealed truths appear as true and intelligible in the light of our natural reason: we believe “because of the authority of God himself who reveals them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived”[28So “that the submission of our faith might nevertheless be in accordance with reason, God willed that external proofs of his Revelation should be joined to the internal helps of the Holy Spirit.”[29Thus the miracles of Christ and the saints, prophecies, the Church’s growth and holiness, and her fruitfulness and stability “are the most certain signs of divine Revelation, adapted to the intelligence of all”; they are “motives of credibility” (motiva credibilitatis), which show that the assent of faith is “by no means a blind impulse of the mind”[30]

Bishop Barron said, “Authentic faith is not opposed to reason — real faith is above reason — never in contradiction to it. (Supra-rational). St. Thomas Aquinas shows this in his first 20 questions of Summa Theologiae list rational paths for God’s own reasons for trusting him.” [](

St. Anselm said, “Theology is faith seeking understanding.” Reason runs all through authentic faith. So, the process of believing God — the reasoning of a religious mind, you see, leaves argument behind. The intellectual begins to understand this is something he cannot deny, refute, or reject. It is peaceful because faith works by love; and love never fails.”(Gal. 5:6; 1Cor. 13:8) []

157 “Faith is certain. It is more certain than all human knowledge because it is founded on the very word of God who cannot lie. To be sure, revealed truths can seem obscure to human reason and experience, but “the certainty that the divine light gives is greater than that which the light of natural reason gives.”[31] “Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt.[32]

158 “Faith seeks understanding”:[33it is intrinsic to faith that a believer desires to know better the One in whom he has put his faith, and to understand better what He has revealed; a more penetrating knowledge will in turn call forth a greater faith, increasingly set afire by love. The grace of faith opens “the eyes of your hearts”[34to a lively understanding of the contents of Revelation: that is, of the totality of God’s plan and the mysteries of faith, of their connection with each other and with Christ, the center of the revealed mystery. “The same Holy Spirit constantly perfects faith by his gifts, so that Revelation may be more and more profoundly understood.”[35In the words of St. Augustine, “I believe, in order to understand; and I understand, the better to believe.”[36[]


“We have to overcome scientism — reduction of all knowledge to the scientific method form of knowledge. It only results in compromise. Religion only becomes a hobby or private occupation. But a truth claim has universal objectivity. Bishop Barron refered to Plato, Shakespeare and Dante as sources of genius above scientism. We challenge scientism publically!”(


159 Faith and science: “Though faith is above reason, there can never be any real discrepancy between faith and reason. Since the same God who reveals mysteries and infuses faith has bestowed the light of reason on the human mind, God cannot deny himself, nor can truth ever contradict truth.”[37] “Consequently, methodical research in all branches of knowledge, provided it is carried out in a truly scientific manner and does not override moral laws, can never conflict with the faith, because the things of the world and the things of faith derive from the same God. The humble and persevering investigator of the secrets of nature is being led, as it were, by the hand of God in spite of himself, for it is God, the conserver of all things, who made them what they are.”[38]


We can trump (forgive the pun) intellect with our will. Philosophies of John Paul Sartre and Friedrich Nietzsche claim existence precedes essence: I decide who I am! Such claims are anthropological volunteerism or neighborhood organizing forms violent protests under permits of peacefulness.” Argument overcomes violence.”(


“The psychologist Carl Rogers offers a process he calls unconditional reflection. Called Rogerian Method (of argument): “What you are saying is clear … ” (asking for further clarification). What is right, this or is this? Tread lightly and use counseling techniques to enable the patient to come up with his own best solution.”(

“G.K. Chesterton, ‘The open mind is like the open mouth having something to bite down on.‘”


  1. “Faith is not opposed to reason.
  2. Overcome scientism.
  3. Don’t tolerate subjectivism.
  4. Avoid volunteerism.
  5. Do Rogerian psychology.”

“St. Thomas Acquinas, professor at University of Paris, taught the disputed question method . . . the end equals resolution coming to knowledge — a path not to truth, but to peace.” (

Here I am watching golf on television on a rare, tropical storm, rainy-Sunday afternoon, thankful for the peace and relative calm we can claim as an answer to prayer (the trees can use the rain). I reflect briefly on this week as week three of my RCIA class attendance. Church today was without sponsor, who is indisposed by a severe injury and 16 stitches to his hand.

My leading to follow God into his holy and apostolic church is in direct obedience to everything I’ve learned, both as Protestant and Catholic. I believe God is using every and all Christ-honoring churches and fellowships. I was baptized 55-years ago, only after leaving school and home. Our parents taught us to go to church but join only when older.

I am older than my dad when he passed. My passing will be sooner than than later. Catholicism and Marian theology teach our transition into eternity is made with grace and peace. This is what is worth planning for: Forget the bucket list.

Why is a religious argument like a curve ball? It can strike “you” out.

Grace to you and eternal peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, (Phil.1:2)


Text Notes: 28, Dei Filius 3: DS 3008; 29, ibid DS 3009; 30, ibid DS 3010, cf. Mk 16:20, Heb 2:4; 31, St. Thomas Aquinas, Sth II-II, 171, t, obj 3; 32, John Henry Cardinal Newman, Apologia pot vita sua (London Longman, 1878), 239; 33, St. Anselm, Prosl. proem.: PL 153, 225A; 34Eph 1:18; 35, DV 5; 36, St. Agustine, Sermo 43, 7, 9: PL 38, 257-258; 37, Dei Filius 4: DS 3017; 38, GS 36 § 1.

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Our Lady of Sorrows

Receiving Christ’s ability to bring his kingdom at all times and in every way.

My photo of Our Lady rescued from pottery store, a result of my conscience hearing her cry come help her!

Today is a sad day; not only for the tragic memory of 9-11, but also for humanity’s failure to overcome sin. Oh, I didn’t say this. It was Sister Lucia in her revelation of the 3rd Secret of Fatima (read here):[] Christ’s kingdom is administered through the apparitions of his holy Mother, even a hundred years ago this month explaining why we have no peace.

Sister Lucia had already given an indication for interpreting the third part of the “secret” in a letter to the Holy Father, dated 12 May 1982:


The third part of the secret refers to Our Lady’s words: ‘If not [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated’ (13-VII-1917).
“The third part of the secret is a symbolic revelation, referring to this part of the Message, conditioned by whether we accept or not what the Message itself asks of us: ‘If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, etc.’.

“Since we did not heed this appeal of the Message, we see that it has been fulfilled, Russia has invaded the world with her errors. And if we have not yet seen the complete fulfilment of the final part of this prophecy, we are going towards it little by little with great strides. If we do not reject the path of sin, hatred, revenge, injustice, violations of the rights of the human person, immorality and violence, etc.

“And let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence people are responsible” (Secretary of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Emeritus of Vercelli Tarcisio Bartone, SDB)

Yesterday, Sunday, one of our EWTN pastors, Fr. Wade, gave a brilliant homily about this prophecy as quoted, and referred with the only note I made: “May the cause of our downfall become the means of our salvation.“- Pope St John Paul II


Lord our God, Ruler over the world, whose longing is to see your thoughts and your will in all peoples, we come before you and ask that we may find strength in your Word and never cease to hope for the coming of your kingdom. Even when the world storms and rages, even when earthly kingdoms rise up against each other and everything seems dark, even then be present. 

Let your kingdom go quietly forward, to the honor of your name. Help us come closer to the goal Jesus has shown us, closer to the time we wait for, the day of his coming when all shall be made new and good through your power, through your Spirit. Amen.”(


Well, today, I have succumbed to a what I think was food poisoning by supper last night. Spending the day in bed and not having strength to pray as usual. And thanks to my wonder-working helpmate, I can be revived to desire doing more with building and completing this post. The photo above I took with pride having rescued Mother Mary from unwanted demise.

Wife: I was only opening up my spiritual life to attack from the enemy. “The enemy comes to steel, kill and to destroy.” She said, “And Satan comes as an angel of light, making everything all sweet and wonderful.” She challenged me to recheck my understanding of God’s Commandments: Put God first, honor his name, and don’t make and worship lifeless idols!

She gave me a few minutes to confirm this, to show her my understanding what the catechism teaches with Bible version. Using the Internet and my Catechism, I learned images and statues of saints are permitted—but only in holy areas where they help glorify the One we are to worship. And was I worshipping a statue? I confess I was. And wife is witness! (


Look, we all know I am not perfect, and that our earthly occupation is challenged even daily. See how the Deceiver is working hard to weasel into our lives and undermine everything and anything we think is supporting truth? No attack can dissuade me from learning how to become officially Catholic. I am feeling much better, thanks to a little friendly help!

The reason I have to admit this, is that I have to honor and obey the calling on my life. My wife is not resisting this, but she is not sharing this calling yet. Apparently she doesn’t have to. I believe she will learn to trust me as she trusts God. I have a few years more life-living than she has. Trust is earned, I know, and obedience to God and spouse earns rewards.

Today I received an email from our local St John the Baptist Catholic Church who will sponsor me. I told him I’m under the weather and will call him tomorrow the day RCIA begins. He sounds like a marvelously encouraging young professional who will get me to the church on time. I can feel his prayers working. I shared with wife, Let me learn about this! Okay?


But for now her image is out of sight in the backyard shed. That’s where my workshop has my tools are available to help give her a nose-job. You see, her nose was damaged, somehow, and needed some reforming. I can show you the store displayed here. When I first saw her, there was no chance, but return visits showed possibilities, and a half-price deal.

This is “Madonna” who suffered abuse from the public retail processes at home in our shed.

Oh, I confessed my sin, not yet to a priest in a confessional, but God hears my prayers, otherwise he wouldn’t be God. (Who wouldn’t love him?) He has found me when I needed to be found. He understands me better than I do. How can I not do what he leads me to do? If tomorrow I hear his voice in RCIA class, I will listen and obey. My wife gets the same considerations.

Today’s homily quote: “Hope is a theological virtue based upon Jesus’ Ascension Christ seated in glory there.“- Fr. Wade Menezes

It was the first Saturday of September when we knew to purchase her. Then, on Mother Mary’s birthday, she came into our home. It all happened together for good I thought. . .( []

My dear reader friend, I don’t ask you to hear and obey God. But you have to know that God in all his glory (at Church) loves you as much if not more than me, and that whatever it takes to win your heart, he has and will do for you. It only takes your  trust. He is trustworthy and faithful to his promises. Simply believe. If I can help you believe him, please let me know.

The Lord bless you and keep you,



My daily prayer is here.

[Editor note: Quotations from the Vatican internet is permitted by LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA Director Seqreteria LEV, Prof. D Giuseppe Costa, sdb, 1-3-17.]

“Messenger Of The Truth”- Documentary

“It seems to me that in the history of the Church, the history of Christianity, there are many examples showing how you have to defend the truth. You have to defend it to the end.” – Blessed Jerzy [Yerzy Popeeloosko]

This documentary is stubborn, the link was old and not working, but a similar editorial by Kresta on YouTube reports the  news that never got told, and is short enough to insert here. My heart picked this up from an afternoon replay on EWTN about the Polish priest shown in A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Have you seen that? It moves my heart to see it again.

Justice and the right to know the truth require us from this pulpit to repeatedly demand a limit on the tyranny of censorship.”

The thought occurred to me, in my research here, that EWTN may be pushing for this martyr’s sainthood. And I did find a stained glass window showing a halo around Blessed Jerzy’s head. But I haven’t found any report of his sainthood progress. And I think the Vatican may have a website for such reporting. Let me find that and get back to you.


” We are bowing our heads today due to the tragic deaths of our brothers, the miners who perished at the hands of traitors. They perished because they defended a worthy place for God in human work. They defended Justice, Truth, Freedom and Dignity. They defended Love and the ideals of Solidarity.”

“Of course, the help of well-meaning people who send us donations from abroad plays a great role too. In fact I would like to use this opportunity to thank the organization Medical Aid for Poland.” 

“Today I would like to talk or rather address the Holy Father in the form of a letter. I hope the penal code does not contain any penalties for writing a letter to the Holy Father.

“During the enslavement of our Nation, you were and continue to be the one who strengthens in us the hope for the victory of good over evil, love over violence, truth over falsehood.”

Just reading the above quotes, I am getting thoughts of, What country is this about? But my mind keeps playing back, This couldn’t be about our country. But this could be about America. . .


“Month after month the turnout of people coming to the mass kept increasing. Nowadays thousands of people come. People arrive from different cities. What do they get from the mass. Here people pour out their grief, their pain. They pour it out in prayer, in spontaneous singing, and in silence which is also a great prayer. That experience of community, silence and discipline: and this is probably our main objective, that the suffering that people experience everyday, at work, in prisons, on the streets, that their suffering is not wasted. The role of the priest is to direct, through a Holy Mass, the suffering of the people towards God.”


“Be with them Holy Mother. Be with them, to those condemned to forced isolation without a trial, with all those who suffer from the imprisonment of their loved ones. When it was suggested to our Polish brothers to leave the country, you were saying with pain in your voice, It is impossible that there is no place for Poles in Poland. Everyone has the right to live in their homeland. No one should be condemned to exile.”

“I thank all our guests who come from other cities to get together in prayer, to build solidarity of hearts.”

“I thank the representatives of the working class from Glowow, from the mines, `Jurjan`and Àndalusia` from Piekary in Silesia, from the plants in Turbet.”

“To live in Truth is the basic minimum of human dignity, even if the price to defend the Truth could be costly.”


“You need to always remain faithful to the Truth. Truth can never be betrayed.”

“I am addressing all those who recently have been threatening me in their letters with – I quote: `a bullet in the head, a cut throat, or being hanged on the cross.”

“Since they are capable of such threats, I urge them also to have the courage to sign their letters instead of cowardly sending them anonymously, or providing fake addresses.”

“To triumph evil with good and maintain human dignity we cannot fight with force. The country can`t be strong if it feels any force. He who is unable to succeed by using the heart and mind has to win by force. Let us pray that we may be free from the fear of intimidation but most of all against the desire for revenge and violence.”


“God instilled in man the desire for truth. This is why man thirsts for the Truth and despises falsehoods . Truth, like Justice is connected to Love and Love has a Price. Truth always unites people, it moves them. The weight of Truth frightens and unmasks lies; lies of little people, people who are scared. The continuous battle against Truth had gone on for ages, but Truth is immortal, and lies die a quick death. Hence comes the saying as told by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski: one needs only a few people to tell the Truth. Christ has chosen but a few to declare the Truth.”


I digress; In July Pope Francis announced a new path to sainthood. Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci, Secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Saints’ Causes, told NPR’s Merrit Kennedy the 5 criteria of the new path, that haven’t been clarified. (Which you can read linked here) Of which he stipulated martyrdom doesn’t require a miracle. (

Next I found the post of Catholic Transcript’s Carol Glatz who describes this as “Heroic acts of loving service,” and pontification approval of “all possible cases of holiness” not previously covered. She says the Archbishop wrote the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, about the human offering of life that included heroic virtue.(

And, we can hear the voice of the Pope on Vatican Radio: “Creating a new category for beatification oblatio vitae.” (

Oh and I asked Google to see if any saints are made by Protestants and found Colin Jensen who made a statement that there are none officially although they use the title often. ( [ is a question and answer site publishing out of Mountainview, California.]


The following is the most recent data on the canonization of Blessed Jerzy: (Still two years old)

“The Roman Catholic Church started the process of his beatification with the declaration of “nihil obstat” (nothing against) on 15 March 1996 and held a diocesan process from 8 February 1997 to 8 February 2001. This conferred upon him the title of Servant of God. In 2008 the Positio was submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and on 19 December 2009 it was announced that Pope Benedict XVI had approved the decree for the beatification of Father Popiełuszko.[9]

“He was beatified by Archbishop Angelo Amato on 6 June 2010 in Warsaw’s Piłsudski Square. His mother, Marianna Popiełuszko was present at the event.[10] More than 100,000 people attended the open-air mass in the Polish capital Warsaw to beatify Father Jerzy Popieluszko. Poland Post issued a set of stamps on that same day to mark the beatification.[11]

“In October 2013, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz – the Archbishop of Warsaw, the diocese where Popiełuszko was killed – announced that a miracle attributed to the intercession of the Polish priest has been identified and confirmed in France. Thus Cardinal Nycz predicts that Popiełuszko will likely be canonized soon.[12] A miracle was investigated in a diocesan process in France from 20 September 2014 until 14 September 2015.” (


“St. Joan of Arc was canonized in 1920, more than 500 years after her death; St. Therese of the Child Jesus was canonized in 1925, less than 30 years after her death. These two examples were beneficial to the Church, but the first would have been hard to comprehend had it occurred earlier, or too soon, before the passage of time had blurred the context and the aftermath of a century-long conflict…”(

As I see this, every day is a saint’s day, and the importance of our saints name-day is growing. I just read in my cousin’s history publication of Eva Hofmann Gundlach, our great-great grandmother (1830-1877), that in old Catholic Germany they favored the saint’s name day celebration more than their own birthday. Really. Can we even think about the value of that?

Please check out my links and let me know what you think.


The notes for recent 2013, 2014, and 2015 are shown here:

9. Pope decrees beatification of Poland’s ‘Solidarity chaplain’ (

10. “Błogosławiony ksiądz Jerzy Popiełuszko. Jego matka przeżyła sto lat, aby doczekać beatyfikacji syna“. 6 June 2010. Retrieved 2 July 2015.

11. World Stamp News

12. “Popiełuszko wkrótce świętym?”. Rzeczpospolita. 18 October 2013. Retrieved 4 November 2013


May the LORD bless and keep you till next blogtime,



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The First Sacrament – video

My new “Crucifix”. In 617, The Council of Trent emphasized the unique character of Christ’s sacrifice as the source of eternal salvation (Heb5:9) and teaches that “his most holy Passion on the wood of the cross merited justification for us.” And the Church venerates his cross as it sings: “Hail O Cross, our only hope.”

I have just finished making my own Crucifix and placed it where a smaller cross used to be. [The old cross was just fine, for a while, until I have learned that a Crucifix is better, more able to comply with Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition.] My attempt to become holy is beginning to show fruit; like the Enemy is resisting my efforts, with attacks and challenges. . .

Today’s Catechism (teaching) for me described the following:


1117 “As she has done for the canon of Sacred Scripture and for the doctrine of the faith, the Church, by the power of the Spirit who guides her “into all truth,” has gradually recognized this treasure received from Christ and, as the faithful steward of God’s mysteries, has determined its “dispensation.”(Jn 16:13; cf.Mt 13:52; 1Cor 4:1)  Thus the Church has discerned over the centuries that among liturgical celebrations there are seven that are, in the strict sense of the term, sacraments instituted by the Lord.”


1118 “The sacraments are “of the Church” in the double sense that they are “by her” and “for her.” They are “by the Church,” for she is the sacrament of Christ’s action at work in her through the mission of the Holy Spirit. They are “for the Church” in the sense that “the sacraments make the Church,”(St Agustine) since they manifest and communicate to men, above all in the Eucharist, the mystery of communion with the God who is love, One in three persons.

I am always trying to figure out, reason, and explain what life brings me and why. I did get the title here in my conscience at a time of physical cleansing and relaxing, and usually alone when I am openly thankful to “Father”. (I was taking a bath.) The weblog site is another issue. I think this is the most communicative one. Our Church family is in this too.*

Yesterday, we learned that the daughter of our next door neighbor, Sam, was involved in their church’s mission bus accident on Atlanta’s freeway. This is too close for comfort. Only one person on her team perished, but she suffered multiple cuts, bruises, swollen face, and the trauma of unsettling shock. Their destination was a flight to Africa.


1119 Forming “as it were, one mystical person” with Christ the head, the Church acts in the sacraments as “an organically structured priestly community.”(Pope Pius XII) Through Baptism and Confirmation the priestly people is enabled to celebrate the liturgy, while those of the faithful “who have received Holy Orders, are appointed to nourish the Church with the word and grace of God in the name of Christ.”(Lumen Gentium)

My ideas of Church has changed. I was born again when 22, in service to our country, in an English speaking Baptist Church on far away Okinawa, Japan. Today, I am just learning about sacraments, but realize my baptism is the same sign of grace as the nearest holy Catholic Church. Also, while in the service I suffered an air-crash as traumatic as our neighbor just did.

Because of our baptismal sacrament we wear the sign of grace in the world that the Enemy sees and makes plans to destroy us. But God’s sign of grace is greater than our sins, and we survive to show others the hope we have found in Our Crucified Lord. Jesus calls us to follow him in his Confirmation, receiving the anointing or “seal” of the Holy Spirit.

I was still a Baptist when I received my confirmation. But the pastor tried to convince me they don’t accept such teaching. This was to lead me along another of God’s paths, to receive faithful and priestly orders to serve the Church, and nourish her with the word and grace of God in the name of Christ. . . as a deacon. But the Enemy got me there too. [Divorce is hard]


1120 “The ordained ministry or ministerial priesthood is at the service of the baptismal priesthood.(Lumen Gentium) The ordained priesthood guarantees that it really is Christ who acts in the sacraments through the Holy Spirit for the Church. The saving mission entrusted by the Father to his incarnate Son was committed to the apostles and through them to their successors: they receive the Spirit of Jesus to act in his name and in his person.(Cf. Jn 20:21-23; Lk 24:47; Mt 28:18-20) “The ordained minister is the sacramental bond that ties the liturgical action to what the apostles said and did and, through them, to the words and actions of Christ, the source and foundation of the sacraments.

If our Church is unable to learn and teach such redeeming principles, then we can look for a more excellent way. Having used up all my chits (youthful Charisms), I am left to write something of what I hear in my conscience. I am building prayer habits that show me a front line of spiritual combat. And the front is closing in. My social media activity is Enemy held.

It was Wednesday that I received a message from a Twitter follower that just flabbergasted me. He wanted me to be his heir for his fortune of 17.5 M in euros. He has a French name, and lived in France. He told me to email his banker in Nigeria. I did so to the best of my ability, and yesterday, received his long reply asking for my personal info and bank ID.

When I nonchalantly shared this with my (French) spouse, she became very upset. She knew it to be a scam and began taking my license and banking info. So she let me call the only financial advisor I know, and with assurance, he calmly explained to me, this is how a scam works. I was convinced I had been duped into thinking I could have such wealth.


1121 “The three sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders confer, in addition to grace, a sacramental character or “seal” by which the Christian shares in Christ’s priesthood and is made a member of the Church according to different states and functions. This configuration to Christ and to the Church, brought about by the Spirit, is indelible,(Council of Trent) it remains for ever in the Christian as a positive disposition for grace, a promise and guarantee of divine protection, and as a vocation to divine worship and to the service of the Church. Therefore these sacraments can never be repeated.

From this brief study, I can explain what the first sacrament is. It is the first sign of grace given by the Holy Spirit of acceptance. It is faith for belonging to the body of Christ, the Church. I’m referring to the Roman Catholic Church that authorizes this Catechism (teaching). The concept is understanding this, all grace, effective for all members, always.

Imagine taking a crucifix, like mine and making it an altar in your home. We need to learn to respect it, to honor and adore it. (This is not worshipping it.) We learn to worship God the Father who sent his Son with Holy Spirit to die on a wood cross so that we might not have to die. Jesus Christ’s death defeated death for us. His death is our ticket to ride into eternity.

But before we get seated on the bus, we want to have assurance that the sacrament of faith has punched our ticket. In other words, we have fully accepted our Lord and his promises. We can know without doubt when we die, we will see Jesus and hear him say to us, “Well done! You are my good and faithful servant. Come, enter into your reward as my bride.” (#Seatbelt)

“St. Thomas sums up the various aspects of sacramental signs: ‘Therefore a sacrament is a sign that commemorates what precedes it – Christ’s Passion; demonstrates what is accomplished in us through Christ’s Passion – grace; and prefigures what that Passion pledges to us – future glory.” (


It was last night that I heard the remarkable interview by Doug Keck with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput (pronounced, “Shapew”) about his book, Strangers in a Strange Land, Living the Catholic Faith in a Post Christian World. My takeaway was about how “our country was founded by Protestants, but just like Israel entering the Promised Land, they forgot God.”(

He told of Rod Dreher’s book called the Benedict Option, as our societies’ retreat to an “ordinary Catholic”, and how secular unbelievers, who have gained wealth and influence, have killed the faith of those who built our country. “Our Church community has forgotten to contribute to society and has become passive.” Archbishop Chaput said. (

Concluding, if you watched the video here, the Archbishop said that the Catholic Church had made it’s way into our country from the opposite side of the nation. The 13 original states were profoundly Protestant churches’ influence. So Catholicism has a shoe-in to win with Ecumenism efforts established by the authority of the Second Vatican Council. (

QUOTE TO REMEMBER: “Truth does not change; it is only forgotten from one generation to the next.” -Archbishop Fulton Sheen

May the Lord bless and keep you till next time,

Charles Bundschu III


[Editor note: Permission to post portions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is granted by LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA in writing by Secretary Director Giuseppe Costa, Sdb, dated 1-3-17.]

Added bonus, John Eldredge’s Extended Daily Prayer for Freedom

The Holy Yoga Controvercy

Therapeutic Yoga ( Lisa Bush, Yeshi (Christian) Yoga

Yesterday I was shown that my second daughter had also completed the training for certified trainer in Holy Yoga. She has followed her younger sister as a professional leader. I should be proud of them both, but decided to research what they have gotten themselves into. Let me attempt to post several viewpoints, and let you decide. If you are religious you may understand better than we seem to.


My research on my favorite search engine, Google, led me directly to Johnette Benkovick and her Women of Grace program on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network, Catholic, cable access) It happened I was watching when doing this, and there was her eclectic image right on my monitor! (God is spooky that way.)

This was an old piece, of April 30, 2012 called, “Don’t Fall Into the Holy Yoga Trap“. You can read it linked here, but it basically states, “It’s New Age syncretism (amalgamation of different religions, cultures or schools of thought). You cannot Christianize Hinduism: Which is combining two incompatible philosophies.[]

The Holy Yoga website is another interesting source I should link here. It is a smart website that will chat if you ask stuff. (

Danette, Southwest Regional Director for Holy Yoga Ministry #holyyoga

And here is another helpful site, got my attention. See if it makes sense to you.

[I am bringing this older weblog — doingjourneytogether site back up because It has gotten some interesting comments that challenged me to rethink some conclusions; and, you may agree.]


Here is what Heidi Schlumpf writes in the National Catholic Reporter, Yoga makes me a better Catholic“. She gives us a quote from Pope Francis. “You can follow a thousand catechism courses, or a thousand spirituality courses, Zen or Hindu cources, but none gives you the freedom as  child of God like the Holy Spirit does.

If you were sold on your community’s program, and have the big bucks upfront to sign up, and you decide to pursue such a rigorous program, be sure to ask all the small print features like safety, starting slow, building up strength, who do you know and like in the group. I seem to think if you recruit someone with you, you get extra credit.

1 Timothy 4:6-9 (Amplified) says ,  

If you point out these instructions to the brothers and sisters, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, constantly nourished through study on the words of the faith and of the good Christian doctrine which you have closely followed. But have nothing to do with irreverent folklore and silly myths. On the other hand, discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness keeping yourself spiritually fit. For physical (yoga) training is of some value, but godliness spiritual training is of value in everything and in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come. This is a faithful and trustworthy saying worthy of full acceptance and approval. (parens mine)


The blind priest known for his exploring the world of mysticism, tells us that “God will never allow the dark angel, or evil demonic forces to gain our attention, unless we make the active free-will choice to let it happen. It won’t take you long to learn the difference. You freely choose Saint Michael, or Satan’s forces. Your choice matters.” He said. (Fr. Spitzer’s Universe,,

Fr. Spitzer made reference to rules for spiritual discernment. You may like to know them, and learn if they can guard you from the cardinal sin of spiritual pride. The real mystical state is sensitive to normal responses. . .”interior boasting causes the Holy Spirit to withdraw instantly”. A desert path we quickly learn to avoid. “God leads us in a gentle and loving way.” (


Are we worried about my daughters? Not in the least. If their good, solid, Christian, Protestant education has not prepared them for their life and work, then we certainly trust our loving Heavenly Father to take up the slack. Yes Sir-ree Bob!

Needless to say, I am proud of all my daughters for keeping themselves in good shape, and learning the awesome task of leading others both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amen and amen.


Do you see the subtle shift in direction here? First the critical assessments, then the hopeful, then the transcending points. I had written before about this subject, but actually lost track of it. Now, there is enough material to help you.

May the Lord bless and keep you,



[As an EWTN Media Missionary, I have the pleasure to present special features with Catholic programming. Please do feel permitted to reply and comment with your viewpoint on this topic (or other sources). I will respectfully acknowledge you.]

[See also, Anatomy of a Woman’s Dream, which touches on my former mysticism study. For further study: Can Yoga and Christianity Go Together? by Pastor Joe Suozzo, FAQ]